UPVC pipe extrusion line

UPVC pipe extrusion line - Image 1

Barus Energy supplies full ranges of PVC pipe making machines, which apply for U-PVC, C-PVC, M-PVC, O-PVC material. The PVC pipe extrusion line includes conical twin screw extruder, spiral die head, vacuum tank, water tank, haul-off, no-dust cutter or planetary cutter, belling machine with O-ring sockets or rectangular sockets or U types of sockets. Our PVC pipe machine can make pipes ranging from 16mm to 630mm, wall thickness range of 1-30mm.

Technical Specification


Pipe Diameter (ID)
Extruder Type Max Capacity
Max. Haul off speed
YL-PVC32(Four) 16mm-32mm SJZ65/132 250 8*4
YL-PVC63(Dual) 20mm-63mm SJZ65/132 250 12*2
YL-PVC63 20mm-63mm SJZ55/110 150 15
YL-PVC110 40mm-110mm SJZ65/132 250 8
YL-PVC160 50mm-160mm SJZ65/132 250 6
YL-PVC200 63mm-200mm SJZ65/132 250 3.5
YL-PVC315 110mm-315mm SJZ80/156 450 3
YL-PVC450 200mm-450mm SJZ80/156 500 2.5
YL-PVC630 315mm-630mm SJZ92/188 800 1.2


PRICE: 70.000- 85.000 EUR